Sunday, 8 January 2012

why i think university is going to be awesome.

okay, so i'm still about two years away from university and i know i have to work HELL HARD to get there, but i will i promise. and it's going to be awesome.
i want to do medicine (and spanish, if they'll let me) and i want to live 'in halls.' just because. because it'd be awesome to move out even for a year and be totally in control of my surroundings. i just think it makes the whole university experiance more real if you live there.
you get to meet loads of new people, who will hopefully be less suckish that those in comprehensive school/a levels. not more mature though, because i'm not mature. maturity hurts. i don't understand why anyone would chose to grow up when you compare being a kid to being an adult. why would you chose bills, taxes and caring what people think of you when you can live in a world of music, creativity and being able to try new things? oh, and mario. harry potter. and obsessing over boybands, you never see old people waiting for hours outside a hotel for a picture with their bands. they sit at home and knit. fun.

so anyway university. we had this woman come to school weeks ago, and aparently they have like 'groups' with people who like the same stuff? so there'd be a harry potter society. and people who like ice skating. and photography. and just all the stuff you like, and there's loads more people in a university than a school.. SO there's bound to be people who like the same stuff as you!

one word.

i'm just gunna leave that out there.

because it would be beyond awesome to find WELSH nerdfighters.

AND ANOTHER THING. university's have libaries. big ones. with lots of books. all of which i can read. pure heaven.
not that i want to wish my life away, i just can't wait for this kind of consentrated awesome.

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