Thursday, 19 January 2012

Why I like the 'get over it' campaign.

You know, the 'some people are gay. get over it.' one.
I love it, it's perfect. None of the polite/politically correct shit, it gets straight to the point with three words, get. over. it.
And what else is there to say? To the homophobics it's aimed at, what the fuck does it have to do with you whether some guys marry guys? Or girls fall in love with girls? Nowt. So GET OVER IT.
It's just a simple, effective way of saying 'no matter how much you unjustifiably dislike the situation, this is how it is, an it's not changing to fit your narrow minded ideas. so get over it.'
Yay for brutal honesty!

Also, 'get over it' seems generational specifically to us. It's something we would say. I couldn't imagine my grandma watching me weep over the new John Green book (I digress, but I had to put it in.. it was so good) and telling me to 'get over it'. It's just not something older people would say. And it seems to me that it's the older generations that are the problem, we seem much more accepting of people of different age/race/sexuality etc. SO YAY, for us being awesome. It's almost like our generation is telling the old people to 'get over it.'

And they should. Because that's how the world is.

I love seeing the posters up in random places, it's so different to the other adverts you see. It's blunt and to the point, no fancy pictures or anything. And that's how to get people's attention, by not being something expectantly polite and GETTING TO THE POINT.
And celebrities that wear the Get Over It shirts, I seriously heart you.

I'm not gay, I just really hate homophobic people.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

okay seriously, sopa?

censorship? like what are we nazi germany?

i'm not actually american, so this probably won't affect (i just spent ten minutes trying to decide which version of this word to use and it's probably still the wrong one) me...
but do you know what is american?
and twitter.
and tumblr.
and facebook, but i wouldn't really miss that shit much.

YOUTUBE though people. it is a human right to be able to view charlie mcdonnell's ever increasing sexiness via video blogging.
no but really, surely 'freedom to knowledge' as wikipedia is putting it is actually a human right. we should be allowed to learn, and find out things we want to know. and yeah, we have books (which i heart, btw) but we also have this incredibly massive high speed magic trick that allows us to learn anything we want called the internet. it's progress. and why would you take that away?

'piracy' my arse.
how many people use the internet to research new music artists/films? publicity isn't piracy. when those artists then benefit greatly from the fame. or all the adverts that you spam the sides of our browsers with?

censorship is bad. any person in vague possession of any historical knowledge whatsoever knows this. hitler censors germany's media for years.. and what happened then? they knew nothing other than what he wanted him to know. they then voted him in. he took control. BAM. HOLOCAUST. massacre. badness. world suck.

so the us congress needs to get over themselves and focus on something more important, something that will DECREASE rather than increase world suck. like ending world hunger.

Monday, 16 January 2012

hey, i probably don't like you.

it's not personal or anything, but you probably suck.
humans in general do.
and if you don't i applaud you, for having the strength (an appropriate word i suppose?) to be not suckish.

suckish as a definition:
those people who follow the crowd, like gormless sheep. they all do exactly the same things and then complain that said thing is 'rinsed.' facebook is the prime example of this. not the site itself, it just highlights everything you hate about the people you know. like when people say things like, "need a boyf for winter:(" or "text me i need numbers."

i genuinly lost the will to live a few months ago while in the school bathrooms. some bimbo girl was putting on her face paste (make up) and her concerned friend suggested she tone it down as it was looking slightly orange under the light. her reply, and i am NOT fabricating this at all. her reply was.. "oh, it's okay i like to look a bit orange." LIKE. she LIKES to LOOK ORANGE.
the world isn't even worth living in if this is what people are like.
i always thought the orange look was bore of accident or even insecurity, not that it was actually aimed for. save me, please.

then on the other hand, i'm not cynical. there are pure awesome people in the world too. hank and john green are prime examples of this.
but 'normal' people too, there are at least three or four people (not particually friends) in my school who i think are awesome people (but people i mean their personality). they have good states of mines, ideas and opinions. they're honest, and aren't sheep.
if everyone could be like that i'd be happy to shut up and keep my opinions to myself. but they're not. and the world sucks.

*awkward wave*

p.s. i have four followers! well.. technically three (no news on how to unfollow myself as of yet?)
and i definitely, and most certainly do not hate you three. thanks for being awesome ><

Sunday, 15 January 2012


i don't really have anything to say.. i just wanted it on record:

WITH 100%!

p.s. i recently found the 'stats' page, and it says i've had 116 views! which is beyond awesome, but then i got worried that as i was able to accidentally follow myself maybe some (if not all) of the views were me.. which is kind of gutting, any one know if that counts?

Something John Green taught me.

Bare with me on this, my mind is still partially blown.

Cancer is part of the evolutionary process to immortality.

I learnt a few weeks ago of the immortality of cancer cells from my biology teacher, they literally are immortal. They can divide infinitely whereas normal cells would divide say 40 times before they die.
Cancer is caused by mutation, which is fundamentally what brought us here.. Mutation of the apes cells that caused us to evolve into humans.
Cancer isn't caused by a microorganism or pathogen so we cannot irradicate it like we did to smallpox and rabies in the uk. Because we cannot kill every bacteria/virus that causes it because it is not caused by such things. Like you can kill it by radiation because our own cells would be killed by radiation and it is our own cells that have mutated. If it is mutation of our own cells then surely this suggest the mutation is heading towards immortal humans? It sounds crazy, or science fictional but it makes sense (to me at least). It stands to reason that people die from it because our bodies are not evolutionary ready for cells that live and divide forever?
So if we can't prevent it, in a way which we stop everyone in the worlds cells from mutating and changing because this would inevitably stop the evolution process that I believe still hasn't finished, we need a way to survive it. Maybe cancer survivors are further down the path of evolution than others? I don't know.

Why John Green made me think of this: in his book, the fault in our star, the character Peter Van Houten (a character I have come to despise) says to Hazel and Gus, "you are a side effect of an evolutionary process that cares little for individual lives. You are a failed experiment in mutation." which for the start, is not something you say to someone with cancer and is the reason I dislike the character. But maybe he had a point about the evolution bit?

Either way, we need to find more treatments that make people survive cancer. It has such a devastating effect on what we think of as a developed world, maybe we don't understand the world much more than we did when we were eating bananas and sitting. trees? (I'm referring to apes, in case this is confusing). It effects nearly every person who ever lived and takes far to many innocent lives.
So yeah, definitely going to be raising money for cancer research in the future.

P.s. this will probably be in my drafts for a while on the whole 'no spoilers' basis.

the fault in our stars.


excuse the excitement, i'm done i promise.
okay so my copy took three extra days to come. that's 72 hours of pure torture i waited.
it came when i was in school, my mum rang to tell me this package had arrived and i made her open it to check..

okay, now i'm done. i am profusely sorry.
but i was a tad excited.
and by a 'tad' i mean freaking out, jumping around the sixth form block at my school and generally happy dancing infront of 200-odd off my 17 year old peers. whatever, i don't like them anyway. being weird is fun. NERDFIGHERS.

being bound by contract (we litterally had to sign one) to remain in school and not abandon my studies for the day to go and read my book. unfortunatly. i also had to sit my chemistry exam (which i'm pretty sure, along with my biology, that i failed.. and by failed i mean 'not got an a'.. seriously don't ever say you want to be a doctor until you get the grades. there's too much pressure). the exam was the longest 1.25hours of my exsistance. after which my grandmother picked me up.. AND HAD THE BOOK IN HER CAR. she's a babe, seriously.

i'm half way through now (learning my driving theory is heavily haulting my reading) and i can honestly say john green has the most beautiful way of writing. he sees simple things in special ways and knows the exact words that will convay them perfectly to other people. whereas mere mortals like me stand there waving their arms around for emphasis and using words like 'ergh, umm.. yeah.'
i even wrote an email. which i never do. i feel like a proper fan girl, and he probably won't even read it but i had to, just in case.
the fact that i'm still reading it even though i know it could end badly and break my heart is testiment to he immesnse writing talent and my unquenchable thirst to read the world point of view.

so yeah, if you haven't read it then i seriously suggest you do. and if you don't know what it is then shame on you, go google the word 'nerdifghter' and welcome to a more awesome life.

*awkward wave*

p.s. i just took another photo with my polaroid, i only have one left before i have to find £20 for a new role of film.. but the sun was perfect, i couldn't resist.

Friday, 13 January 2012

Why animal testing is necessary.

DON'T HATE, hear me out.

I know that animal testing is cruel and inhumane, but I fully believe in it.
Don't get me wrong, some of the ways it's done is beyond evil and the animals are treated horribly and I don't agree with that at all. But you have to consider the big picture. If we didn't have it we'd be screwed. It's given us amazing medical advances namely in stem cell research (which could potentially, given more research, cure HORRIBLE diseases like Alzheimer's and cancer), vaccines (which need to be made more available to poorer countries, en mi opinion, it's horrible that so many people still die of easily preventable causes just because of where they live, and monoclonal antibodies (which improve chemotherapy and tell you whether or not you're pregnant.. these things are genius).
We CANNOT have these drugs without animal testing first, because no one in their right mind (even the most active of animal rights protesters) would volunteer for a drug trial that we know nothing about. Then we wouldn't wt new drugs and medical advances and we'd still be dying off from flu.
If we can't test on humans, and we can't test on plants the only other living alternative is animals. It's necessary. I would hate to live in a world where nobody was learning, where nobody was trying to find out more about where we are an WHAT we are.

Then again, I do think it needs to change the way it's carried out. The animals used shouldn't be cages up and starved. Then need to be treated in the nicest way possible, considered where we'd be without them. We owe them that.

Please don't hate me. *flinches*

p.s. exams are FINISHED. i think i've failed. :( and by failed i mean not got an a. NOTE. never say you want to go to medical school until you actually get the grades, there's so much pressure.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

12 goals.

for this year, ten seemed boring.

1. go to a music festival.
2. go to a car boot sale.
3. make a video blog of the entire year.
4. develop three roles of real film.
5. read 20 books.
6. paint the walls of my room.
7. be outside at midnight.
8. grow an apple seed.
9. buy that camera.
10. write the book.
11. write a song.
12. give some of my own money to a charity.

p.s. i think i put a picture in this, not sure.. sue me i'm still learning.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

a levels.

*scared wave*

i have my very first ever a level tomorrow, and it is fair to say i am absolutely SHITTING myself. (are you allowed to say that on this website?)
yeah so, scared. a lot.

everyone's expecting me to get a*s, because that's what i do. hell, even i am. and as far as i know they don't have a*s at as level! but i've only ever had one a!
apparently everyone who takes this exam does really badly, even some of the cleverest people i know have had e's, which scares me shitless. i'd cry. honestly.
i NEED an a for university, but i really don't think i'm going to get one. to make it worse i have absolutely NO IDEA what to do with my life if i can't do medicine.

there's so much pressure! if i tell people how scared i am they say, "don't worry you'll be find you always are." and they genuinly believe it, which makes things worse because they EXPECT me to do well.. which means i'm going to let them down. i can't deal with that.

and my procrastination levels PEEK whenever i have to revise. just these last two weeks my mind has decicded it must:
1. watch all vlogbrothers, charlie mcdonnell and alex day videos.
2. read, a lot more than normal.
3. be plagued with ideas for stories, song lyrics and photos.

and loads of other's i really don't have time to write.
i have to keep writing this blog, which i love doing honest, but it takes time. and i feel like if i don't i'll never get people to read it. i'm just talking to myself here.

AND my mother has booked my driving theory test for four days after my last exam, so i have precisely FOUR. DAYS. to learn everything.

stressing, much?

p.s. i think i might just accidentally have followed myself. being new sucks.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

why i think university is going to be awesome.

okay, so i'm still about two years away from university and i know i have to work HELL HARD to get there, but i will i promise. and it's going to be awesome.
i want to do medicine (and spanish, if they'll let me) and i want to live 'in halls.' just because. because it'd be awesome to move out even for a year and be totally in control of my surroundings. i just think it makes the whole university experiance more real if you live there.
you get to meet loads of new people, who will hopefully be less suckish that those in comprehensive school/a levels. not more mature though, because i'm not mature. maturity hurts. i don't understand why anyone would chose to grow up when you compare being a kid to being an adult. why would you chose bills, taxes and caring what people think of you when you can live in a world of music, creativity and being able to try new things? oh, and mario. harry potter. and obsessing over boybands, you never see old people waiting for hours outside a hotel for a picture with their bands. they sit at home and knit. fun.

so anyway university. we had this woman come to school weeks ago, and aparently they have like 'groups' with people who like the same stuff? so there'd be a harry potter society. and people who like ice skating. and photography. and just all the stuff you like, and there's loads more people in a university than a school.. SO there's bound to be people who like the same stuff as you!

one word.

i'm just gunna leave that out there.

because it would be beyond awesome to find WELSH nerdfighters.

AND ANOTHER THING. university's have libaries. big ones. with lots of books. all of which i can read. pure heaven.
not that i want to wish my life away, i just can't wait for this kind of consentrated awesome.


so there's this one friend, and she's lovely honest. she's one of my oldest friends and i love her to bits. but whenever we go out anywhere, GUARANTEED, every time she looks and what i'm wearing and says, "i feel overdressed now."
it's not her indirect way of saying, 'you look crap.' she's just saying it as she feels. but that's what it's sounds like. i hate it, it's like.. am i not dressed up enough for you?
even if i actually do get dressed up and i feel more dressy than her.. she still says it. way to put me down.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

A theory.

*awkward wave*

Before I even start I just want to make it clear that I KNOW this would not work, as much as I would like it to. This requires that people are nice, and people are not nice. At 17 I've experienced enough of the world to know that one thing people aren't is nice. They can be kind, but for the purpose of this explanation those two adjectives mean completely different things. Being kind is doing nice, often selfless things for people you love, people you like or even just people you know - though in this case you are probably not selfless, you are being kind to make an impression. Being NICE is being selflessly kind to a complete stranger without expecting anything in return (and I mean this in the literal sense, not the "aw you didn't have you, you shouldn't have.. I wasn't expecting.." shit). *these aren't the definitions of the words but I thought I'd borrow them to make the differentiation between two points.
Yeah, so people aren't nice. And for this to work they'd need to be.

Here we go..
Instead of having a currency, or anything that is exchanged for a value and something in return, people just do their jobs. They don't get paid. But they don't need money. People do things for each other because they can. For example a teacher will teach a class of children because it is their job, if that teacher then wants to buy and apple they will go to a shop and the grocer will give them an apple because it is their job, the farmer will grow the apples because it is his job. People will do things for others because they will KNOW that they to can go to a shop and buy and apple or send their children to be taught. The governments won't need money because if it is someone's job to build a new road (which would be government funded) they will, knowing that if they wanted to go to a pub and eat a meal they could because it is that landlords job to provide that. People would do things for the love of the job, not the money they get out of it because money doesn't exist and it is not needed. If money had never existed would it be missed?
This may destroy all sorts of accepted systems by which we live, like the class system, but it would illuminate poverty and people wouldn't starve to death or live on the streets.
It would work because people would be nice to each other because they know that niceness will be returned in some form.
But it wouldn't work, because people aren't nice.
Oh, and probably because some people would freak if royals had the same amount of status as a shop keeper.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

from the bathtub.

there are very few primary ingredients to a bath. generally a person, and water are the necessary. and a bath to hold the two. the most important ingredient however, the principle you could say, is the towel.
the towel is a wonderful invention of which allows a person to get very wet and then very clean, yet will return them to their warm dry state that was previously enjoyed. their super absorbent material is very useful in this sense.
another utilization of a towel is for cover. a cover than allows you to run, squeaky clean, from your attic bathroom to your second floor bedroom without scarring any of your family members for life.

occasionally you will find yourself faced with the blood chilling dilemma of forgetting a towel. though why this is even possible when nearly every bath you've ever had ended with a towel, is beyond my level of understanding.
anyway, in this situation you are usually faced with two options.

1. drip dry. the practice of chilling naked in the safety of the bathroom until you are dry enough to don your discarded clothes and leave.
2. run. fast.

in short. i just found myself faced with this dilemma, and i chose the second option.

1 - me. towel - 0.


okay, how freaking awesome would it be to actually have a lightbulb appear above your head when you get an idea.
it would be a bit inconveniant at times, like if you were at a funeral surrounding by sobbing relatives of the dead bloke and you suddenly had an epic brainwave on how to make his ashes burn faster. or how much potassium you should add to make him burn in pretty purple fire. would be kind of awkward.
other than that though, pretty awesome.
or like the animated 'speed lines' when we run, so we could leave an outline of our profile where we were for just a second. and carry little protest boards with thoughts on. like 'oh uh.'
yeah i watch too many cartoons.
but world suck would definitely be greatly decreased if we could make this happen.
[nerdfighter moment]

anyway. my lightbulb moment happened last night, at precisely 4:23am if i remember correctly.
because that's what my mind does, at times when i should probably be unconcious. it has indepth conversations with itself about the wonders of the world and i sit on the side as an irritated passanger unable to stop the car i should be driving.
sorry for the awkward metaphor, i am ashamed honest.
i'm easily distracted. the idea. for a STORY, believe it or not. am i too old to call it a story? but yet not good enough to call it a book? hmm.. a .. nope. i'm going with a story.
yes, so said story is in progress. and I UNBREAKABLY VOW TO COMPLETE IT. i never complete things but i shall this. after my exams. i promise. part of it is already written down.

this is happening.
*awkward wave*

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

A discovery.

I might, maybe.. possibly just discovered the blogger iPhone app.

Seriously, why did nobody tell me of the phenomenon before?

Like I didn't need anything else to aid my procrastination.

the fairytale of new york.

*awkward wave*

lately i've realised how much i'd actually love to go to new york.
i've always though it would be too big for me, little welsh girl and all. i didn't like the idea of the towering buildings and the lack of grass. i thought it would make the streets feel narrow and busy and claustrophobic.

but what i really want to do is see real new york. i'm not interested in the touristy places like the statue and the big building (actually it would be pretty cool, from a percy jackson point of view). i want to see the little independent book shops, and the underground railway, and the apple store and all the amazing over the top things that america do so different to britain and walaes. things that are highly concentrated in a city like new york.

i'd also LOVE to skate in central park, but i think that's only open in the winter?

to me, america seems like this non-exsistant dream place that only exists in the world of awesome (youtube, celebrities etc.) even when i went there for the first (and only) time a few years ago it felt surreal (though that might have been jetlag).

anyway my point is, i'm making that a goal. GO TO NEW YORK.
i don't know when it's going to happen because i'm 17, i don't feel nearly old enough to go there on my own. and my parents don't fly. i'll have to find someone, though i'd love to go on my own. plus i need money, which kind of requires a job.. which is non-exsistant. so yeah.


p.s. durring the writing of this post i learn that my spell check recongises the word 'hoe' which kind of made me laugh a bit..

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

am i doing something wrong?

hi *awkward wave*

i thought i'd raise a point, although i doubt i'll get a response being new and all, but here we go..

everyone on this site seems to have blogs full of pictures? don't get me wrong, they're beautiful pictures. seriously i follow some epic photographers, i love photography and could only dream of being that good. but people's blogs seem to be made up of pictures and outfits and 'shops' ? shops, is that right? sue me, i'm new.
but i thought pictures was more of a tumblr thing, or are the lines between social networks blurring more than i first thoughyt?

i just thought that as a site called 'blogger' it would be full of people writing blogs, and using said blogs for their primary purpose. to write.
i thought it would be full of witty wannabe writters, who's blogs i could read and use to aid my procrastinating.

it makes me think i'm doing something wrong, writing like this. i don't even know how to post a picture. and i don't follow fashion, much. starting to feel like i don't belong here..

if anyone actually reads this and could point me in the direction of a good written blog i'd love them forever. thankyouuuu.

*awkward wave*

p.s. i mean no disrespect to anyone, i actually love the blogs i follow. all of them. i just seem to have got the idea wrong. much love!

Monday, 2 January 2012

the art of rolling your tongue.

i needed to write this down, least i forget.

people debate over whether the ability to roll your tongue is genetic or if it can be learnt.
in a sense it is genetic, it is a GENE that allows it to happen. it is a dominant allele, so if one parent has the gene it will be dominant over the parent that doesn't and it is likely the child will be able to roll their tongue.
the gene itself codes for the production of a protein that affects the muscle in your tongue. the tongue is a muscle, and all people can move it. this is because the muscle is about to contract vertically, to pull your tongue up and backwards.
people-who-can-roll-their-tongue's muscle is also capable of contracting horizontally. this is because they have that gene that codes for that particular protein. it means that their tongue muscle is able to contract horizontally and pull in the sides of their tongue, hence 'rolling' it.

i don't know why i suddenly so desperately needed an answer for this, i'm supposed to be revising chemistry but there you go.

if this is wrong, shoot me. it's the best i can gather from all the different debates/arguments i've read or heard about. and for the record biologists haven't actually agreed on the phenomenon yet. i'll get back to you.

*awkward wave*

Sunday, 1 January 2012

is it true.. ?

*awkward wave*

um.. i think.. i might .. possibly.. have a follower?
i'm not sure if this is real shiz, because i don't actually know how this site works. but yeah, i think i do.

is this real life.. or is it a FAN-TA-SEEEEEEEE?

sorry. i'll be normal again now, please don't unfollow.

*awkward wave*

p.s. i have recently found out i have COMMENTS. slightly unsure of how this happened.. but thanks guys!