Sunday, 15 January 2012

the fault in our stars.


excuse the excitement, i'm done i promise.
okay so my copy took three extra days to come. that's 72 hours of pure torture i waited.
it came when i was in school, my mum rang to tell me this package had arrived and i made her open it to check..

okay, now i'm done. i am profusely sorry.
but i was a tad excited.
and by a 'tad' i mean freaking out, jumping around the sixth form block at my school and generally happy dancing infront of 200-odd off my 17 year old peers. whatever, i don't like them anyway. being weird is fun. NERDFIGHERS.

being bound by contract (we litterally had to sign one) to remain in school and not abandon my studies for the day to go and read my book. unfortunatly. i also had to sit my chemistry exam (which i'm pretty sure, along with my biology, that i failed.. and by failed i mean 'not got an a'.. seriously don't ever say you want to be a doctor until you get the grades. there's too much pressure). the exam was the longest 1.25hours of my exsistance. after which my grandmother picked me up.. AND HAD THE BOOK IN HER CAR. she's a babe, seriously.

i'm half way through now (learning my driving theory is heavily haulting my reading) and i can honestly say john green has the most beautiful way of writing. he sees simple things in special ways and knows the exact words that will convay them perfectly to other people. whereas mere mortals like me stand there waving their arms around for emphasis and using words like 'ergh, umm.. yeah.'
i even wrote an email. which i never do. i feel like a proper fan girl, and he probably won't even read it but i had to, just in case.
the fact that i'm still reading it even though i know it could end badly and break my heart is testiment to he immesnse writing talent and my unquenchable thirst to read the world point of view.

so yeah, if you haven't read it then i seriously suggest you do. and if you don't know what it is then shame on you, go google the word 'nerdifghter' and welcome to a more awesome life.

*awkward wave*

p.s. i just took another photo with my polaroid, i only have one left before i have to find £20 for a new role of film.. but the sun was perfect, i couldn't resist.

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