Saturday, 31 December 2011

jeans. of the new variety.

ohhh look my new jeans have sparkley thread! yaayyyy! glittery, sparkleness, shinnneeeeeeyyy. so pretttyyyy.

oh wait, no.
sparkely thread is evil.
sparkely thread is the devil's spawn.
it. hurts.
seriously, sparkely thread may look nice (which is pointless because most people wear tshirts slightly longer than the waist of their jeans.. so you can't see it anyway, though i will admit KNOWING you're wearing something sparkely is awesome even if you know nobody else will know. sorry, i know i said 'know' too much) but honestly it's evil. it scratches worse than my cat. and he's evil too, he hates me.

which is good news on the 'forever alone' front. because being forever alone isn't so bad if you have an old lady with 72 cats to look forward to. but no, alas, this is not so. EVEN MY CAT IS REPULSED BY ME.
he's actually scared of me because i make too much noise? apparently.

anyway yeah, i'm going to find another pair of jeans.

*awkward wave*

p.s. having taken said jeans off i have found an ugly cut running down my leg from the buggers. so yeah they did actually injure me. and it's not one of them stingly whingey cuts, it's the deep ones that PROPER HURT and feel like bruises.

Thursday, 29 December 2011

internal monologue.

*awkward wave*

so i've noticed that there's like this constant voice in my head (it's my voice i'm sure, i'm not insane). like a running commentary on everything that's actually happening in front of me. because i don't really like saying things out loud anymore, in case people aren't on my wavelength. which they usually aren't. and i feel like i'm the only one worth telling?
i hate that, i hate that i can't talk to people about things i think. but then when i decide to, they brush it off.. pretend i hadn't said anything.. or just blatantly tell me they don't actually care. which makes me glad i don't normally tell them things.

on the other hand, sometimes my mind can be freaking hilarious. yeah, it's defiantly not me.
but still, sometimes i think the world should get to share some of the awesome things that go through my mind. but by the time i find someone i actually like enough to tell the moment has passed.. or most likely i forgot what it was.

so the PROPOSITION (is that a word.. to propose something?) is:
everything we think (blur out anything inappropriate) should be automatically sent to a computer THAT ONLY WE CAN ACCESS. where we can then, later review all our thoughts for the day and only share the interesting ones. i also think this would help us understand who we actually are, in case you haven't got that yet. it would totally be like looking at yourself from someone else's point of view.

then again, i irritate the hell out of myself at times.
ugh. whatever, i don't know.


Tuesday, 27 December 2011

i will not apologise.

i hate it when bloggers/vloggers have to be all, "awh i'm so sorry i haven't posted in a few days. because they have loads of impatient subscribers who pester them for another video/blog after a few days.
i see it most with youtubers, namely charlieissocoollike and nerimon. seriously? give them a bit of space. they have lives you know? if they didn't they'd have nothing to blog to you about so it works both ways, nuuuh.
but obviously they have millions of fans and i don't. in fact i don't think anyone actually reads this blog. so I WILL NOT APOLOGISE for having a nice christmas.

christmas was lush.
*about to go into full life description, skip this part*
my grandma sleeps over from christmas eve till boxing day, which really makes it feel like christmas because up until this point it hadn't. probably due to the looming as level exams in january. on christmas eve night we all chilled together, which is unusual. very. i mentioned the fact that it was nice to chill with them all together and my grandma looked worried and told my dad not to open the back door because it was cold, bless her. the only thing that i didn't like.. MY MUM WOULDN'T LET ME PUT COOKIES OUT FOR SANTA. what does she think i'm old or something?! maturity hurts. (i have since ate said cookies and am feeling a lot less bitter about the matter).
christmas day itself was traditional. grandma gets woken up by my brother, she tries to distract him for as long as possible before he wakes me up. we take our stockings upstairs, all sit on my mum and dads bed and open the presents. (i got hand warmers for my early skate sessions on wednesday morning.. your hands are the only thing that get cold). then we all went down-down stairs, drank bucks fix and ate bread (sounds odd, really nice. honest). for breakfast while we wantingly (word?) stared at the two lines of presents in the living room. finally we got to open said lines, i always feel sorry for the adults at this point because so far all the present opening has been about the kids. but hey ho, i don't want to be an adult. i got.. a polaroid and film! >< and a cd player for my car, and a taylor swift piano book, among other things. then my uncle who lives next door came in, this is the first year since he split with my auntie that he's been alone on christmas morning :( it was obvious he missed the kids, it just wasn't the same:'( we then chilled together, and opened the presents from under the tree (spoilt brat i know) we got to give the adults their presents and my grandma gave me a beautiful ice skate necklace. we cooked and had christmas lunch together, i swear christmas dinner is the best thing in all 365(6?) days of the year. it was BEAUT. and finally my cousins arrived from their mum's, we got to see my auntie after all which was lush. they're only young so christmas is super special for them. they told us all about what father christmas had brought them, we played with their new toys and then they went to bed early because 'santa was coming to their dad's house tonight.' *off topic* this is the only benefit i see in divorce.. TWO SETS OF PRESENTS *back on topic* we then all chilled together and it was lush until we went to sleep.
boxing day was a 'second christmas,' i was supposed to get up and watch the kids open their presents but my lazy arse wouldn't move so i found out all about it later. my cousin has a SNAKE. a real, bloody, evil, scary SNAKE. and he lives next door. with his SNAKE... i will never sleep again.
we had a second christmas dinner (i am going to be fat) and we'll be eating leftovers for days. we played wii/xbox games all day/night and though i'm officially a playstation girl i will admit that just dance is a good game. nothing beats mario kart though. what i don't understand is why they felt the need to play darts on xbox kinect when they had a perfectly workable dart board upstairs? people confuse me.
so games, and we watched new comedy dvds/boxsets and the day was generally just lush. we all had to go and observe my cousin's new doll that CRIES when it's in the bath. when i was little i had a doll that peed and it was the height of technology, this thing is magic. boxing day finished basically in the same way as christmas day but with the addition of cousins. lushylush.
*description over*

other than christmas.. FOREVER YOURS NEWS. alex day's song got to NUMBER FOUR in the official CHRISTMAS DAY chart. seriously an unsigned, relatively unknown artist to get that high in the most sought after chart of the year is amazing. i am beyond proud of him and the power of youtube, NERMIE ARMY. just shows that it's not just the record labels that control the music industry, and we can have a say if we really want. most people just chose not to, and they follow the crowd and listen to popular music. sigh.

okay, this was way too long. going now.
*awkward wave*

Wednesday, 21 December 2011


*awkward wave*


so i like figure skating. pointless fact. and every wednesday i sleep up my best friends house, we get up at half four in the morning to drag our cold, tired arses to the rink where we have private lessons that cost a bomb at 5:30am.
but despite that, i like it. i love having an empty rink, being the only ones on the ice and having the whole space just for you. not having to avoid people, get out of other's way or swerve past the crap blue skaters. i like having a lesson where i'm the only person that matters and if i do it wrong we do it again. i like being the first ones to cut up the super smooth ice in the morning.

it's the going-to-sleep-the-night-before part that's harder than the waking up. i swear my body KNOWS it has to get up at half four and purposely refuses to sleep in protest. maybe it's hoping i give up?

we get there before the (way better than us) skater do, which is an achievement.
but then they get on, and i go back to feeling crap again..

one day i will be good.

bye. *awkward wave*

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

the beauty of autocorrect.

*awkward wave*

so i'm guessing everyone in the internet world has seen the 'autocorrect fails' some of which are funny, most of which cause concern for their geniunity (word?).
but i honestly couldn't type without autocorrect.
seriously, i could type something like 'eikld' and it knows i wanted 'would'.. how is something this clever seen as bad?

other things autocorrect is good for:
1. texting when you're tired, saves you having to retype your inevitable mistakes.
2. texting with cold hands.
3. texting lying down, be honest no keyboard looks like same on the side.

also, because that's not clever enough.. it LEARNS words that you use. so my iphone can now say things like 'westlife' 'nerimon' and 'cwtch' .. why is this bad?

okay so some people send the wrong thing because autocorrect doesn't like swear words, but it gives you the option to NOT change.. so pay attention and stop complaining.

*awkward wave*

side note.

*awkward wave*

as a side note, or more of an above note really considering the layout but still.. as a side note ANOTHER reason why i rejoined blogspot (is it even called that anymore?) is because twitter.. although lovely as it is in that you can express your every thought to people who don't really care but follow you in the hope that you'll 'follow back' (no) .. has a horrific 140 characters rule.
now i don't know what kind of people they designed their version of social networking for, but my thoughts are generally longer than 140 characters, therefore i find myself having to sacrifice grammar and even worse ACTUAL LETTERS to comply.
not good.

hello blogspot.

OH i just noticed the 'labels' box. which i'm guessing is like tumblr's tags? no? okay i'll use it anyway.

so yeah, i'm going to fail my exams in january. mainly because i can't spell january. and partially because i have A SHIT TEACHER WHO DOESN'T CARE AND HAS ABANDONED US. sorry. but yeah. failing. yaaaay.

*awkward wave*

welcome back?

*awkward wave*

this is kind of a welcome back more than a hello, i used to have a blog (which i will not be revealing due to the embarrassment i recently suffered having reread some of the crap i used to talk about) and now.. I'M BACK!
i'm back mainly because i realised that all these opinions in my head where making people hate me, but to leave them there for my sole confinement would drive me crazy. so of course sharing them with people i don't actually know works better, because they can disagree and hate me freely. YAY FOR THAT.
also i watch a lot of youtube vloggers recently (namely charlie, charlieissocoollike, and alex, nerimon) and i love the idea that they can just talk and people are enthralled. but the term 'vlogger' generally imply 'video blog' and i am far from pretty enough to leave my safe haven of behindthecamera (yeah, i take photos).

so i'm going to try and blog again, though i have no idea how this works anymore. please excuse by cheesy 'theme,' i'm new okay?

*awkward wave*

p.s. i swear to god if this american spell checker tells me to replace a perfectly correct 's' with a 'z' again..