Thursday, 5 January 2012


okay, how freaking awesome would it be to actually have a lightbulb appear above your head when you get an idea.
it would be a bit inconveniant at times, like if you were at a funeral surrounding by sobbing relatives of the dead bloke and you suddenly had an epic brainwave on how to make his ashes burn faster. or how much potassium you should add to make him burn in pretty purple fire. would be kind of awkward.
other than that though, pretty awesome.
or like the animated 'speed lines' when we run, so we could leave an outline of our profile where we were for just a second. and carry little protest boards with thoughts on. like 'oh uh.'
yeah i watch too many cartoons.
but world suck would definitely be greatly decreased if we could make this happen.
[nerdfighter moment]

anyway. my lightbulb moment happened last night, at precisely 4:23am if i remember correctly.
because that's what my mind does, at times when i should probably be unconcious. it has indepth conversations with itself about the wonders of the world and i sit on the side as an irritated passanger unable to stop the car i should be driving.
sorry for the awkward metaphor, i am ashamed honest.
i'm easily distracted. the idea. for a STORY, believe it or not. am i too old to call it a story? but yet not good enough to call it a book? hmm.. a .. nope. i'm going with a story.
yes, so said story is in progress. and I UNBREAKABLY VOW TO COMPLETE IT. i never complete things but i shall this. after my exams. i promise. part of it is already written down.

this is happening.
*awkward wave*

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