Tuesday, 3 January 2012

am i doing something wrong?

hi *awkward wave*

i thought i'd raise a point, although i doubt i'll get a response being new and all, but here we go..

everyone on this site seems to have blogs full of pictures? don't get me wrong, they're beautiful pictures. seriously i follow some epic photographers, i love photography and could only dream of being that good. but people's blogs seem to be made up of pictures and outfits and 'shops' ? shops, is that right? sue me, i'm new.
but i thought pictures was more of a tumblr thing, or are the lines between social networks blurring more than i first thoughyt?

i just thought that as a site called 'blogger' it would be full of people writing blogs, and using said blogs for their primary purpose. to write.
i thought it would be full of witty wannabe writters, who's blogs i could read and use to aid my procrastinating.

it makes me think i'm doing something wrong, writing like this. i don't even know how to post a picture. and i don't follow fashion, much. starting to feel like i don't belong here..

if anyone actually reads this and could point me in the direction of a good written blog i'd love them forever. thankyouuuu.

*awkward wave*

p.s. i mean no disrespect to anyone, i actually love the blogs i follow. all of them. i just seem to have got the idea wrong. much love!


  1. Not everyone is going to do a poise. I certainly don't. Just find what you are passionate about. & comment. People might comment here more..if you do.

  2. okay thanks!
    i don't really know how to find blogs either, can you search tags or something?

  3. I thought the same thing when I started blogging. I think it's just a matter of finding people who are like you, and who love to write. I know there are a lot of writing blogs out there :) I prefer writing and photos, personally.


  4. aha okaay, i'll look around... thanks:D

  5. I think it depends on why they blog Jadey. I blog to share my work and most of my blog is about my work-- thus pictures.

    I do love to write. Fiction currently, instead of myself. And I share it in a very specific way in a very specific venue-- not my blog:)

    When I'm ready to write about me again, my blog is there for that.

    Anyway, you have a lovely blog with a sweet and fresh outlook. Very pleasant to read.

  6. oh i see, so the whole site isn't based on fashion? i'm not really 'fashionable' aha :')
    fair enough, and thanks so much!