Monday, 16 January 2012

hey, i probably don't like you.

it's not personal or anything, but you probably suck.
humans in general do.
and if you don't i applaud you, for having the strength (an appropriate word i suppose?) to be not suckish.

suckish as a definition:
those people who follow the crowd, like gormless sheep. they all do exactly the same things and then complain that said thing is 'rinsed.' facebook is the prime example of this. not the site itself, it just highlights everything you hate about the people you know. like when people say things like, "need a boyf for winter:(" or "text me i need numbers."

i genuinly lost the will to live a few months ago while in the school bathrooms. some bimbo girl was putting on her face paste (make up) and her concerned friend suggested she tone it down as it was looking slightly orange under the light. her reply, and i am NOT fabricating this at all. her reply was.. "oh, it's okay i like to look a bit orange." LIKE. she LIKES to LOOK ORANGE.
the world isn't even worth living in if this is what people are like.
i always thought the orange look was bore of accident or even insecurity, not that it was actually aimed for. save me, please.

then on the other hand, i'm not cynical. there are pure awesome people in the world too. hank and john green are prime examples of this.
but 'normal' people too, there are at least three or four people (not particually friends) in my school who i think are awesome people (but people i mean their personality). they have good states of mines, ideas and opinions. they're honest, and aren't sheep.
if everyone could be like that i'd be happy to shut up and keep my opinions to myself. but they're not. and the world sucks.

*awkward wave*

p.s. i have four followers! well.. technically three (no news on how to unfollow myself as of yet?)
and i definitely, and most certainly do not hate you three. thanks for being awesome ><

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