Wednesday, 18 January 2012

okay seriously, sopa?

censorship? like what are we nazi germany?

i'm not actually american, so this probably won't affect (i just spent ten minutes trying to decide which version of this word to use and it's probably still the wrong one) me...
but do you know what is american?
and twitter.
and tumblr.
and facebook, but i wouldn't really miss that shit much.

YOUTUBE though people. it is a human right to be able to view charlie mcdonnell's ever increasing sexiness via video blogging.
no but really, surely 'freedom to knowledge' as wikipedia is putting it is actually a human right. we should be allowed to learn, and find out things we want to know. and yeah, we have books (which i heart, btw) but we also have this incredibly massive high speed magic trick that allows us to learn anything we want called the internet. it's progress. and why would you take that away?

'piracy' my arse.
how many people use the internet to research new music artists/films? publicity isn't piracy. when those artists then benefit greatly from the fame. or all the adverts that you spam the sides of our browsers with?

censorship is bad. any person in vague possession of any historical knowledge whatsoever knows this. hitler censors germany's media for years.. and what happened then? they knew nothing other than what he wanted him to know. they then voted him in. he took control. BAM. HOLOCAUST. massacre. badness. world suck.

so the us congress needs to get over themselves and focus on something more important, something that will DECREASE rather than increase world suck. like ending world hunger.

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