Thursday, 5 January 2012

from the bathtub.

there are very few primary ingredients to a bath. generally a person, and water are the necessary. and a bath to hold the two. the most important ingredient however, the principle you could say, is the towel.
the towel is a wonderful invention of which allows a person to get very wet and then very clean, yet will return them to their warm dry state that was previously enjoyed. their super absorbent material is very useful in this sense.
another utilization of a towel is for cover. a cover than allows you to run, squeaky clean, from your attic bathroom to your second floor bedroom without scarring any of your family members for life.

occasionally you will find yourself faced with the blood chilling dilemma of forgetting a towel. though why this is even possible when nearly every bath you've ever had ended with a towel, is beyond my level of understanding.
anyway, in this situation you are usually faced with two options.

1. drip dry. the practice of chilling naked in the safety of the bathroom until you are dry enough to don your discarded clothes and leave.
2. run. fast.

in short. i just found myself faced with this dilemma, and i chose the second option.

1 - me. towel - 0.

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