Thursday, 19 January 2012

Why I like the 'get over it' campaign.

You know, the 'some people are gay. get over it.' one.
I love it, it's perfect. None of the polite/politically correct shit, it gets straight to the point with three words, get. over. it.
And what else is there to say? To the homophobics it's aimed at, what the fuck does it have to do with you whether some guys marry guys? Or girls fall in love with girls? Nowt. So GET OVER IT.
It's just a simple, effective way of saying 'no matter how much you unjustifiably dislike the situation, this is how it is, an it's not changing to fit your narrow minded ideas. so get over it.'
Yay for brutal honesty!

Also, 'get over it' seems generational specifically to us. It's something we would say. I couldn't imagine my grandma watching me weep over the new John Green book (I digress, but I had to put it in.. it was so good) and telling me to 'get over it'. It's just not something older people would say. And it seems to me that it's the older generations that are the problem, we seem much more accepting of people of different age/race/sexuality etc. SO YAY, for us being awesome. It's almost like our generation is telling the old people to 'get over it.'

And they should. Because that's how the world is.

I love seeing the posters up in random places, it's so different to the other adverts you see. It's blunt and to the point, no fancy pictures or anything. And that's how to get people's attention, by not being something expectantly polite and GETTING TO THE POINT.
And celebrities that wear the Get Over It shirts, I seriously heart you.

I'm not gay, I just really hate homophobic people.

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