Sunday, 8 January 2012


so there's this one friend, and she's lovely honest. she's one of my oldest friends and i love her to bits. but whenever we go out anywhere, GUARANTEED, every time she looks and what i'm wearing and says, "i feel overdressed now."
it's not her indirect way of saying, 'you look crap.' she's just saying it as she feels. but that's what it's sounds like. i hate it, it's like.. am i not dressed up enough for you?
even if i actually do get dressed up and i feel more dressy than her.. she still says it. way to put me down.


  1. well what does it mean if she says it always ? try not to care :-) What counts is if you feel happy with you / your outfit. and thanks a lot, I use a Canon 1000D with the 18-55mm lens and sometimes a 70-300mm lens. x

  2. aha yeah i suppose!
    and awesome, thanks! i'm saving up for a 60D but i don't know what lense to get yet :)x