Tuesday, 20 December 2011

welcome back?

*awkward wave*

this is kind of a welcome back more than a hello, i used to have a blog (which i will not be revealing due to the embarrassment i recently suffered having reread some of the crap i used to talk about) and now.. I'M BACK!
i'm back mainly because i realised that all these opinions in my head where making people hate me, but to leave them there for my sole confinement would drive me crazy. so of course sharing them with people i don't actually know works better, because they can disagree and hate me freely. YAY FOR THAT.
also i watch a lot of youtube vloggers recently (namely charlie, charlieissocoollike, and alex, nerimon) and i love the idea that they can just talk and people are enthralled. but the term 'vlogger' generally imply 'video blog' and i am far from pretty enough to leave my safe haven of behindthecamera (yeah, i take photos).

so i'm going to try and blog again, though i have no idea how this works anymore. please excuse by cheesy 'theme,' i'm new okay?

*awkward wave*

p.s. i swear to god if this american spell checker tells me to replace a perfectly correct 's' with a 'z' again..

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