Thursday, 29 December 2011

internal monologue.

*awkward wave*

so i've noticed that there's like this constant voice in my head (it's my voice i'm sure, i'm not insane). like a running commentary on everything that's actually happening in front of me. because i don't really like saying things out loud anymore, in case people aren't on my wavelength. which they usually aren't. and i feel like i'm the only one worth telling?
i hate that, i hate that i can't talk to people about things i think. but then when i decide to, they brush it off.. pretend i hadn't said anything.. or just blatantly tell me they don't actually care. which makes me glad i don't normally tell them things.

on the other hand, sometimes my mind can be freaking hilarious. yeah, it's defiantly not me.
but still, sometimes i think the world should get to share some of the awesome things that go through my mind. but by the time i find someone i actually like enough to tell the moment has passed.. or most likely i forgot what it was.

so the PROPOSITION (is that a word.. to propose something?) is:
everything we think (blur out anything inappropriate) should be automatically sent to a computer THAT ONLY WE CAN ACCESS. where we can then, later review all our thoughts for the day and only share the interesting ones. i also think this would help us understand who we actually are, in case you haven't got that yet. it would totally be like looking at yourself from someone else's point of view.

then again, i irritate the hell out of myself at times.
ugh. whatever, i don't know.


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