Wednesday, 21 December 2011


*awkward wave*


so i like figure skating. pointless fact. and every wednesday i sleep up my best friends house, we get up at half four in the morning to drag our cold, tired arses to the rink where we have private lessons that cost a bomb at 5:30am.
but despite that, i like it. i love having an empty rink, being the only ones on the ice and having the whole space just for you. not having to avoid people, get out of other's way or swerve past the crap blue skaters. i like having a lesson where i'm the only person that matters and if i do it wrong we do it again. i like being the first ones to cut up the super smooth ice in the morning.

it's the going-to-sleep-the-night-before part that's harder than the waking up. i swear my body KNOWS it has to get up at half four and purposely refuses to sleep in protest. maybe it's hoping i give up?

we get there before the (way better than us) skater do, which is an achievement.
but then they get on, and i go back to feeling crap again..

one day i will be good.

bye. *awkward wave*

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