Saturday, 31 December 2011

jeans. of the new variety.

ohhh look my new jeans have sparkley thread! yaayyyy! glittery, sparkleness, shinnneeeeeeyyy. so pretttyyyy.

oh wait, no.
sparkely thread is evil.
sparkely thread is the devil's spawn.
it. hurts.
seriously, sparkely thread may look nice (which is pointless because most people wear tshirts slightly longer than the waist of their jeans.. so you can't see it anyway, though i will admit KNOWING you're wearing something sparkely is awesome even if you know nobody else will know. sorry, i know i said 'know' too much) but honestly it's evil. it scratches worse than my cat. and he's evil too, he hates me.

which is good news on the 'forever alone' front. because being forever alone isn't so bad if you have an old lady with 72 cats to look forward to. but no, alas, this is not so. EVEN MY CAT IS REPULSED BY ME.
he's actually scared of me because i make too much noise? apparently.

anyway yeah, i'm going to find another pair of jeans.

*awkward wave*

p.s. having taken said jeans off i have found an ugly cut running down my leg from the buggers. so yeah they did actually injure me. and it's not one of them stingly whingey cuts, it's the deep ones that PROPER HURT and feel like bruises.

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