Tuesday, 20 December 2011

the beauty of autocorrect.

*awkward wave*

so i'm guessing everyone in the internet world has seen the 'autocorrect fails' some of which are funny, most of which cause concern for their geniunity (word?).
but i honestly couldn't type without autocorrect.
seriously, i could type something like 'eikld' and it knows i wanted 'would'.. how is something this clever seen as bad?

other things autocorrect is good for:
1. texting when you're tired, saves you having to retype your inevitable mistakes.
2. texting with cold hands.
3. texting lying down, be honest no keyboard looks like same on the side.

also, because that's not clever enough.. it LEARNS words that you use. so my iphone can now say things like 'westlife' 'nerimon' and 'cwtch' .. why is this bad?

okay so some people send the wrong thing because autocorrect doesn't like swear words, but it gives you the option to NOT change.. so pay attention and stop complaining.

*awkward wave*


  1. well said!


  2. Totally clever. Hope you are having a great holiday.

  3. ohmygosh guys, comments ><

    and for the record.. glad i'm not the only one.