Tuesday, 20 December 2011

side note.

*awkward wave*

as a side note, or more of an above note really considering the layout but still.. as a side note ANOTHER reason why i rejoined blogspot (is it even called that anymore?) is because twitter.. although lovely as it is in that you can express your every thought to people who don't really care but follow you in the hope that you'll 'follow back' (no) .. has a horrific 140 characters rule.
now i don't know what kind of people they designed their version of social networking for, but my thoughts are generally longer than 140 characters, therefore i find myself having to sacrifice grammar and even worse ACTUAL LETTERS to comply.
not good.

hello blogspot.

OH i just noticed the 'labels' box. which i'm guessing is like tumblr's tags? no? okay i'll use it anyway.

so yeah, i'm going to fail my exams in january. mainly because i can't spell january. and partially because i have A SHIT TEACHER WHO DOESN'T CARE AND HAS ABANDONED US. sorry. but yeah. failing. yaaaay.

*awkward wave*


  1. aha thank you, won't lie i might have freaked out a bit then..